Has your registration lapsed on your vehicle? Looking at Importing a vehicle? We can help you get your car legal and on the road

What happens?
The vehicle is booked in and we organise the independent inspector.
You need to clean the car of any personal items.
When you bring the vehicle in we strip the vehicle, the vehicle is inspected and we reassemble the vehicle. 
You are informed of the out come.


What do I need to organise?
If the car has been registered in your name previously, we only need to sight and take a copy of your drivers licence, or proof of identity.
If the vehicle has been previously registered in NZ and you have purchased it since it was last registered, we need proof of purchase and proof of identify. If you don't have proof of purchase, we can supply a statutory declaration for you to complete. (The inspection will fail without this). All documents should be originals.
If it has been imported you will need personal ID, proof of purchase, importing and shipping documents. (The inspection will fail without this). All documents should be originals. 
Payment is required when you drop off the vehicle. 


How long does it take?
Generally, we need the car for a minimum of one day, sometimes it may take longer, depending on the inspector's workload. Please be aware that if the vehicle is not picked up within reasonable time after the inspection you may be charged a storage fee of $10/day.


What then?
If the vehicle passes the inspection we reassemble the vehicle and it is issued with a WOF and you are given the paper work to take to VTNZ and purchase your registration. (N.B this is an additional expense)
If it fails:
You have 20 working days from the day of inspection to do the repairs and get it re-checked. (Failure to do this will mean another complete inspection cost). We can complete the repairs at Nostalgia Motors for you, or you can do this yourself. If you wish us to prepare an estimate for the job we can do that at a cost of $40 (refundable if we do the job).

If there is evidence of structural/rust/accident/water damage or repairs, it may need a repair cert. This must be performed by a registered repair certifier. (We can organise this for you if you wish). 


How much does it cost?
$440 for the inspection of a vehicle first registered in NZ after 1st Jan 1991
$350 for the inspection of a vehicle first registered in NZ before 1st Jan 1991
$480 for a fresh import

$345 for a Repair Cert if required, plus repairs
$100 for a VIN Assignment.

Any required repairs are at your expense
The inspection fee must be paid when the vehicle is dropped off (before the inspection).

Statutory Declaration

Brake Declaration