If you are building or modifying a vehicle we are the place to come to for advice, assistance or to get the work done. Between our certifiers and technicians we have a lot of knowledge and experience with different modifications and different vehicles.  It is a good idea to have a chat with us before making changes to make sure that what you are doing will work and is legal.

Noel has been an LVVTA inspector since its inception and is a font of knowledge when it comes to the legal requirements for vehicle modification. Kane has recently qualified as a certifier, so his theory combined with his practical application is invaluable.  Our technicians come with a wealth of knowledge and experience through previous work or from jobs in our workshop.   

We are very used to doing full engine transplants or rebuilds, seatbelt installation, suspension modifications, driveline and fuel line alterations and one off jobs which require problem solving, to name some of the work we perform.  Our emphasis is on doing the job properly, with the knowledge it will be legal and safe.

To also assist you with requirements and regulations the Hobby Car Technical Manual is available from the New Zealand Hot Rod Association. This manual provides technical information that may help you through the process. Noel and Kane are very familiar with this manual and are happy to help you with any questions.