We can tailor your service to your budget or your cars requirements – from a quick ½ hour oil change to a full service.  We can service your vehicle to its manufacturers standards. 

Because we care about cars, we only use quality products. For all our servicing we use Valvoline oils and products to guarantee the best care for the heart of your car.  Car Servicing is recommended to be carried out every six months or 10,000km, or as outlined  in your owners manual as the Manufactures recommendation specific to your car.

We know life is busy and you don't always get time to look at your service reminder sticker, so we will send you a reminder when your service is due (based on 6 months) either via text, email or post.

We check your filters (air & fuel), oils (transmission, differential), coolant, belts, brakes, battery, tyres, horn, wipers, lights and replace your oil and filter. If anything needs replacing we will contact you to discuss any repairs so you aren't left with an unexpected bill. 

​As a price indication for a Service:

  • a quick oil change can cost as little as $80,

  • a full service on a standard car needing 4 litres of oil and a standard filter can cost around $180, 

  • a full service on a specialist vehicle requiring specialist oils, filters etc can be over $300

(our standard Vehicle Service takes an hour to an hour and a half dependent on vehicle)