Has your car been stickered or failed a WoF on excessive exhaust noise?

A pink sticker is affixed to an unsafe vehicle, and the vehicle has been ordered off the road, i.e. it is not to be driven at all until rechecked and issued with a valid warrant of fitness.


A green sticker is affixed to a vehicle which has compliance issues, i.e. it doesn’t meet the rules and regulations to be driven on the road in New Zealand. The vehicle may be able to be driven away with some conditions, or if the fix can be effected on the side of the road. If not, the vehicle must be tested and issued a new WoF.

The label must not be removed by the vehicle owner. We can carry out the necessary repairs and/or perform the required noise test but only VTNZ or an official TSD agent can remove the sticker

Noise Test
If you have made the alterations you need to quieten your vehicle, we can then perform the official NZTA Exhaust Noise Test so you can complete the process to remove the sticker. We are one of only two NZTA approved noise testers in Hamilton.

If it passes?

We will attach a label to the exhaust then give you the paperwork to take to VTNZ or an official TSD agent so you can go through a compliance check as required to remove the sticker.

If it fails?

We can do the necessary repairs and retest at no extra cost if the vehicle remains with us throughout the process.  If you chose to take the vehicle away to do your own repairs you will be charged for a second Noise Test.  


If you wish to do your own repairs we can perform a quick hand held test to see if your vehicle is close to meeting the standard requirements, there is a cost of $40.00 for this. It is not an official and perfectly accurate test.  You will still be required to complete the NZTA Exhaust Test for the sticker removal. 



What will it cost?
Noise Check (Hand Held) $40.00
NZTA Exhaust Test $270.00

For further information about Exhaust Noise Tests have a look at NZTA's website

If you would like to talk to someone about this call us.